How (not) to do food for toddler parties

toddler eating birthday tea

N’s not had a birthday party yet.  Well a proper one.  He just had his cousin round for tea and a play.  My intention is to hold his 3rd birthday party once the weather’s improved and I can turf all the kids outside to play in the garden, and they can have a picnic. But we’ve been to quite a few parties.  It seems that food is the hard one to gauge. Obviously if you have a party at home, you… Continue Reading “How (not) to do food for toddler parties”

When to let go (or not) at soft play

Softplay toddler

I think we’ve been to our last birthday party for a few weeks. The last one was interesting with N to say the least.  It was held at a soft play that we’ve not been to since he was probably under 1.   It was always more pricy than another larger soft play in our town, not as big, and until the children can go on the larger equipment, less for them to do.  But now they’re mostly fine for using… Continue Reading “When to let go (or not) at soft play”

Review: 360, Milton Keynes

Yesterday N and I went to 360 in Milton Keynes for a meet up with some friends.  We don’t get to see them very often, what with work and family, so we like to make the most of it so the 3 boys can catch up and have a good run around together.  Plus I’d not meet baby C yet, so it was a great opportunity to see how similar she is to her brother at the same age. We’d… Continue Reading “Review: 360, Milton Keynes”

Toddler friends

Being 2 seems to be the start of having friends.  Before N’s been happy to tag around after his old cousins, and vaguely do activities at nursery alongside other children, but it’s great to see him really connecting with other children. What amazes me is how quickly children get used to being with others.  It’s so easy to make friends at their age.  It’s also brilliant to see them getting along with other similar age children who they don’t really… Continue Reading “Toddler friends”

Boys and doors

Met up with a friend and her son today for a morning at ‘Baby Bounce’ and for a spot of lunch.  The boys are only 5 months apart, but don’t see each other that frequently, so it was funny to see them get used to each other again. Baby Bounce is in the leisure centre.  Lots of soft play equipment, slides, scooters, cosy coupes, trikes etc and tonnes of noisy under 5s.  It’s always mad on Saturdays there, but especially… Continue Reading “Boys and doors”

Big kids soft play

climbing at soft play

Today we joined one of N’s friends at a soft play place in town for her 2nd birthday.  N’s never really that fussed about soft play.  He tends to head straight for the things he has at home or are just toys on the ground as such (Little Tikes houses, hoovers, trikes, rocker etc).  Although he’s been round both the toddler and the older children’s frames, he just ignores them, or climbs up the first part then turns round and… Continue Reading “Big kids soft play”

Child magnet / Pied Piper

As my tagline says, I’m not really a child person.  Strange I hear you ask, given I have one, however it’s very different with children in your family and those you see frequently, seeing them grow up. But bizarrely children seem to be like cats…they always go to people who aren’t keen on them. Whenever we go to places where children congregate, we always seem to have random children coming over and hovering round by us, talking their random stuff… Continue Reading “Child magnet / Pied Piper”

Nursery parent’s morning

We had N’s second parent’s evening morning the other day at nursery.  While we get a daily write up of what he’s been up to in his book, I love going in to find out in more detail how he’s getting on, checking out the photos they’ve taken and working out what we need to help him on next. This time it was a morning one rather than evening, which meant I had to take N along as the OH… Continue Reading “Nursery parent’s morning”

Confident climber

The last time we went to soft play we had a result….whoop, the first time he clambered up the steps, through the tunnel and down the slide all by himself.  All very exciting for me.  It means I don’t have to drag myself round it any longer. Although he also decided he wanted to follow some older children up onto the bigger climbing frame and slides.  So up I followed, squeezed into the slide (note to self, get willpower back… Continue Reading “Confident climber”

National Forest Adventure Farm

Seems like ages ago now, but around the Easter holidays we’d been quite busy meeting up with various online mum & baby friends.  The last occasion was a trip to The Forest Adventure Park at Tatenhill, nr Burton.  A friend goes regularly, and it did live up to expectations even though the day was a bit grey, cold and wet. It was free for the toddlers, and around £8 for the adults, so not bad for a day out, although… Continue Reading “National Forest Adventure Farm”