How long does it take to learn to swim

I’ve said many times that I’ve despaired over N’s swimming. He’s been having lessons since he was 3 months old, so nearly 6 years later he should really be able to swim reasonable well by now.  But he still can’t swim on his back without a float aid, and even on his front it’s hard going. With a float belt (at the minimal level) he’s great. He’s fast with a float, his legs are strong, and he does everything he… Continue Reading “How long does it take to learn to swim”

The big transition from baby and toddler swimming

What's the big transition from baby swimming to child swimming lessons - Bubbablue and me

I couldn’t imagine not having swum with N from a young age. My own journey with learning to swim was very up and down from age 5 to 7, and the OH isn’t keen on swimming, so I wanted to make sure N was capable of swimming as a child.  We started his lessons at 3 months old along with most of my NCT group in a Water Babies class together. In the 5 1/2 years he’s been to swimming lessons,… Continue Reading “The big transition from baby and toddler swimming”

Nervy start to a new tennis club term

The new term at tennis is always hit and miss with N. It seems he’s now playing tennis three times a week at the moment.  On Mondays at after school tennis club, on Fridays at the tennis club junior lessons (both with the same coach).  And now on Fridays at school, it’s his class’ turn to have tennis from an external coach.  N doesn’t seem too concerned about that, and there’s no other sports that he wants to try.  Other… Continue Reading “Nervy start to a new tennis club term”

Joining the tennis club and a clingy child

joining a tennis club - Bubbablue and me

Ever since first playing tennis at school last year N has enjoyed the game. They have an external coach from a local club come in and do junior lessons for them, and after playing in the summer term, N was given a referral letter to play at the club. Tennis was my sport at school (before squash took over at uni and afterwards), so I’m pleased that he enjoys it so much. For a 5 year old, and thinking about… Continue Reading “Joining the tennis club and a clingy child”

11 awesome easy kids activities for Rio Olympic Games

With the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2016, it’s a great opportunity to encourage children into the different sporting activities, especially those more unusual ones. I love the atmosphere of the Olympics (I managed to get to see the Volleyball at London 2012), so I’d like N to get to experience a bit of it on now he’s old enough to understand it. Ok, so we can watch the sports on tv (and if I have my way… Continue Reading “11 awesome easy kids activities for Rio Olympic Games”

The sportswear dilemma of National Sports Week

playing in the garden

Until last week, I’d not felt too pressured by school non-uniform dates. World book day passed pretty easily (I had a plan for Horrid Henry, but N decided he didn’t want to dress up), non-uniform days have either been pj days or just standard non-uniform. I can cope with those. Even the nativity worked out easily with my 5 minute multi character t-shirt costume! But sports week has proved the hardest. Yes, last week was National Sports Week. I didn’t… Continue Reading “The sportswear dilemma of National Sports Week”

Igniting an interest in cycling for children

Igniting an interest in cycling for children - Bubbablue and me

I’ve written so many times about N’s love of cycling and his bike, but recently that interest in cycling was brought alive by a last minute email from our neighbour about the Women’s Tour of Britain race. I’m usually quite up on what’s going on in and around our area, and book in visits and events in the calendar well in advance.  But sporting events seem to pass me by.  Being in a lovely rural area, complete with lots of… Continue Reading “Igniting an interest in cycling for children”

Introducing children to sports – a tennis open day

tennis open day for kids - Bubbablue and me

I’m a big tennis fan.  Well, not as much as I once was, but racket sports are my thing.  At school I used to pretty much play everything in a team being tennis and squash captain at 6th form. Once at uni I had to focus on only one sport.  Unfortunately tennis took a back seat while I decided that fewer people played squash so I’d stand a better chance of getting in the team.  I did, but also got… Continue Reading “Introducing children to sports – a tennis open day”

Getting ready for Wimbledon with Oreo tennis balls

Ready for Wimbledon tournament - Tennis ball Oreos Bubbablueandme

You know when you have what seems like a brilliant idea for ages, really want to try it out, buy all the stuff, set it up, get cooking or making….and then it’s a failure? It’s not often I come up with crafty or foodie ideas, so when I do I get quite excited. I’d decided I wanted to adapt my Halloween Pumpkin Oreos and turn them into tennis balls in preparation for Wimbledon and I decided that this weekend was… Continue Reading “Getting ready for Wimbledon with Oreo tennis balls”