41+ no-brainer Lego storage ideas

Lego storage drawers on wheels

Lego is a brilliant toy.  But it’s a pain to store. It’s lovely being able to store sets in their boxes, but it’s rare in our house that anything stays complete or near its original box.  We’ve recently had a declutter and reviewed our Lego storage, so I wanted to share some of our storage solutions. N has a huge Lego collection.  From sets he’s been bought through to Lego from my childhood (some of which was my dad’s). I’m… Continue Reading “41+ no-brainer Lego storage ideas”

Making maths fun with Fundels games

Playing number games with Cartamundi Fundels plus a review - Bubbablue and me

I’ve mentioned before how N is just getting into games and I’m a big fan of anything educational.  When Cartamundi asked me to review a couple of their newly launched Fundels games, I thought it was a great opportunity to broaden N’s game options.  And help enforce his maths at the same time. Cartamundi are specialists in playing cards and card games, and Fundels have been launched to bring a fun and effective way of learning into the world of card… Continue Reading “Making maths fun with Fundels games”

Great board games for 5-7 year olds

3 great board games for 5-7 year olds - Bubbablue and me

Board games are a great way to have fun as a family, and I’ve been dying for N to be old enough to be interested in playing them. We’re getting there, although he gets easily distracted and needs a lot of reminding of rules…otherwise he’ll make them up for himself, usually not telling anyone else playing. Board games take me back to my youth. We used to play them a lot – mostly money games – Hotel, Monopoly, Game of… Continue Reading “Great board games for 5-7 year olds”

Searching for stars with Discovery Kids telescope

putting the telescope up

N has always been interested in the moon and stars ever since he was a toddler. So I was hoping that being sent the Discovery Kids telescope to review was going to be a hit with him. My degree was in geography so I’m always interested in trying to encourage any interest N shows in the world around us. When the 40mm astronomical telescope arrived in its box it was massive. There’s certainly enough padding to keep the telescope safe… Continue Reading “Searching for stars with Discovery Kids telescope”

Toys to keep once kids have grown out of them


When you have children, toys take over the house…and the garden. Every few months I think, it’s time to declutter, especially when N only ever plays with the same toys. But it doesn’t happen often enough as more and more toys, paper and pens get strewn across the house. A couple of summers ago, I did do quite a major clear out of N’s toys though. Apart from books and craft/art supplies, I didn’t see the point in keeping lots… Continue Reading “Toys to keep once kids have grown out of them”

Picking up letters with My First Bananagrams


I’m astounded by how many people I talk to who have no idea what Bananagrams is. And yet, as soon as we bring out the game (or Appletters which is the game we have), everyone gets really excited about it, kids and adults. I was excited to receive My First Bananagrams for review. While the other games are great, N really needs to work on his lower case letters, and get those off pat, and the My First Bananagrams gives… Continue Reading “Picking up letters with My First Bananagrams”

My Sunday Photo – logistics

setting up a wooden train set

Only a few months ago, N was saying he wanted to sell or giveaway his wooden railway set.  Thankfully I refused saying that once the nights were dark and the weather was bad, he’d want to have it still to play with, especially if he had friends round to play. Since then he’s probably had the box out a few times a month, creating mammoth and sometimes complex railway tracks.This week’s was a little more intricate…it looked pretty, but I’m… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo – logistics”

Win 3 children’s games for the new year

win 3 children's games - Bubbablue and me

We’re on a bit of a clear out mission…again.  I’ve found lots of children’s games and jigsaws that N’s never played with and isn’t bothered about.  So I’m holding the first competition of the year. If you’ve got preschoolers and older, you might be interested in entering to win the 3 games I’m giving away. 1. Orchard Toys – Shopping List I love the Orchard Toys range – we’ve got a few games, and they’re great for introducing young children… Continue Reading “Win 3 children’s games for the new year”

5 non-boring party bag ideas for pre-schooler to 7 year olds

5 non-boring party bag ideas for kids - Bubbablue and me

It’ll be N’s birthday in the next month, so we’re in party planning mode.  Well, I say we.  N keeps changing his mind over the type of party he wants, or whether he wants on at all. The plan is that we’re having a joint party with his best friend because their birthdays are close together.  It’s  no brainer given they’re in the same class, and know similar people outside of school as well. So the mum and I have… Continue Reading “5 non-boring party bag ideas for pre-schooler to 7 year olds”

Giant dinosaur toy giveaway

giant inflatable dinosaurs from Prezzybox

Back in the summer, we reviewed these great giant inflatable dinosaurs from Prezzybox. N loved them and the triceratops has been moving round the house as he’s played with it.  It’s lasted really well until he decided to continually use it as a space hopper, and tv watching chair.  I was impressed that it’s lasted so long when nearly 3 stone of child has been sitting on it and bashing it around.  Finally last week I patched it up in… Continue Reading “Giant dinosaur toy giveaway”