Trendy Toddler Tuesday – farm boy

It’s that time again, Trendy Toddler Tuesday is upon us after a bit of a break.  N’s been going through clothes so quickly at the moment (not growth wise, just dribbling something chronic, getting muddy etc), it’s a good job he’s got plenty in the wardrobe. At the moment he’s been wearing jeans quite a bit – he looks so grown up in today’s clothes.   I love him in rugby or polo style tops although dribble bibs don’t sit… Continue Reading “Trendy Toddler Tuesday – farm boy”

Trendy toddler tuesday: rugby boy

I’ve been sorting out N’s wardrobe recently as he’s been growing out of his 18-24m tops, so I’ve been getting out all the age 2-3 items I’ve been stocking up on over the last 6 months or so.  Trousers will take a little while to transfer as he’s got short legs relative to his body – he’s still in turn ups on some of his 18-24m trousers. He’s got some great winter clothes, and I love the move to this… Continue Reading “Trendy toddler tuesday: rugby boy”

Trendy Toddler Tuesday: the new dawn

Maria’s passed over the baton for TTT to Medicated Follower, so this week sees a new beginning.  I’ll be watching out for the new badge to display over the next couple of weeks. Today saw N wearing his lush new pyjamas.  I love him in the skinny ones at the moment, although with nappy, they’re a bit padded bottomed!  These ones I bought from Zulily (can’t remember the actual brand) on special flash sale…mainly because when I was pregnant, my… Continue Reading “Trendy Toddler Tuesday: the new dawn”

Trendy Toddler Tuesday – end of summer sunny days

I’m trying to catch up with my blog posts, and have managed to catch up with Trendy Toddler Tuesday (still to catch up on Listography but that takes a lot more thinking about!). Today N was in a bit of his dubious colour combinations (green hawaiian shorts with clashing red socks – mostly hidden by his shoes, so I think we got away with it!), but as I didn’t get round to taking any photos today we’ll share yesterday’s outfit.… Continue Reading “Trendy Toddler Tuesday – end of summer sunny days”

Trendy Toddler Tuesday (well Wed!)

Joining up with this blog makes me think more about what I’ve dressed Nathaniel in.  I know it’s almost washing day when I’ve only got either thick trousers or long sleeved tops left in the wardrobe. Thankfully earlier this week the weather was cooler so Nathaniel was in: Black cords (Blue Zoo at Debenham) – bought for best, but now just used so he can wear them before he grows out of them Green & red stripy t-shirt – Tu… Continue Reading “Trendy Toddler Tuesday (well Wed!)”

Trendy Toddler Tuesday: smart shirt day

Shorts are great on toddlers, but having different coloured shorts (one pair’s green with navy hawaiian flower pattern) does make for a hard time colour coordinating with the various t-shirts in his wardrobe.  I couldn’t find anything which went with said shorts, so Nathaniel was today in his lovely stone combat shorts/cropped trousers. Top was for once a shirt – I generally stick with t-shirts, but the shirt went really well, and I decided to risk it.  This one was… Continue Reading “Trendy Toddler Tuesday: smart shirt day”