Ministry of Funny Walks

Now Nathaniel’s been walking for some months, he’s getting more adventurous and confident about his movement.  Sometimes it’s all a bit amusing as he decides to try different actions. We’ve had the ‘soldier/can-can type, kicking up the legs in front of him; little stomps on the spot (I think that can also be thought of as his dancing, along with turning round and mock jumping/bending his knees.  And not forgetting the walking backwards. Now he’s good at his walking, he’s… Continue Reading “Ministry of Funny Walks”

When’s a baby not a baby?

When they’re a toddler, of course. It’s a hard one to know when they transition from baby to toddler. My view is as soon as they’re up and walking on their own, then it should be fairly obvious they’ve made the transition.  Nathaniel definitely coincided his walking with the toddlers need to be into everything, usually with a cheeky glance at us to check whether we were watching and/or disapproving. But, it’s hard to call him a toddler.  I still… Continue Reading “When’s a baby not a baby?”

Crawler and explorer

It’s only taken about 7 weeks from him getting on all fours and rocking (or ‘humping’ as my OH refers to it, especially when on people) for him to finally crawl forwards.  Yippee. Most people I’ve spoken to have said that their babies were crawling within a week of being on all fours…nope, Nathaniel likes to practise for a while before achieving something. Made for lots of irritation for him and me as he got quite wound up every time… Continue Reading “Crawler and explorer”