New job

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After finishing my last job, I had the luxury of some time off job hunting.  Toss up between big commute again (lots of available great jobs, mostly further than previously) and trying to find something closer to home (unlikely in my current industry). And of course having a child is what puts the spanner in the works with job-hunting as a) you want to be able to spend time with the child and b) childcare have strict drop off and… Continue Reading “New job”

Returning to work

Two days in and I can’t quite believe that people say they like going to work to get a break from looking after the kids.  I reckon it’s the other way round, but maybe we’re lucky in that Nathaniel’s quite easy going (except when he’s teething and a bit grotty). I did a few keeping in touch days, but there’s only so much you can take in on those about what’s going on.  It’s not like being totally new as… Continue Reading “Returning to work”

Keeping in touch days

I’m officially off maternity leave now (as of yesterday)…so getting paid again (yippee!) as I’m now on annual leave until I start back in January. I’ve been doing a few keeping in touch days which are a great idea – a chance to catch up, find out what’s been happening over the time I’ve been off, and also get involved in any planning days ready for when I’m back at work.  It’s given me chance to meet some of the… Continue Reading “Keeping in touch days”