Book review: Lace – Shirley Conran

Oo err.  Lace….I downloaded this on my Kindle as a free book, not really thinking much about the book or story.  If you don’t know the background to the book, it was written 31 years ago, and now it’d be classed as a bonkbuster.  Classy!

It’s the story of 3 girls who meet in Switzerland at finishing school, with the 4th becoming part of the group by accident, and how their sexual journey begins and grows through disastrous relationships through to good.  All the while their friendships mark the passage of time.

There’s also the life of a young movie star being told alongside their story, and you’re always anticipating when the real story of her birth will out.

It’s never going to be renowned for brilliant writing or great romance, but it did set the way for the Jilly Cooper and similar novel styles in the 80s.  Compared to similar genre of books written nowadays (think 50 Shades of Grey), this is tame in comparison although some of the experiences the girls have to go through aren’t a pleasant read.  It’s also a hard slog – although I suppose it’s similar length to other lengthy similar novels – easy to read, but my Kindle was telling me it was over 6 hours long (and I read quickly!).  In 12+ parts, it’s suitably chunked so easy to pick up as and when, but it does take a long time.  I’m not really sure it was worth that amount of my time.

The part I found most interesting was the fact that the author based the characters and events (loosely) on real people and her life.  Given that Conran’s life was intertwined with celebrities of the day and royalty, no wonder when it was published it created a bit of a stir.  But otherwise, it does tell me that I’m right not to bother with other ‘bonkbuster’ novels.

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