Bunny Loves to Learn – picture book review

The latest of our picture book reviews from Parragon as a Book Buddy has been Bunny loves to Learn by Peter Bentley, illustrated by Emma Foster and Deborah Melmon.  This picture book is more than just a story, it’s all about Bunny and his friends learning about historical characters. 

bunny loves to learn book

I always like it when fiction teaches you historical information, because I was never keen on history at school (really poorly taught, and it was all modern history which I wasn’t particularly interested in).  So introducing children when young to historical events really helps enforce taking in information without them thinking they’re specifically being taught something.  I’m sure it sinks in better when history is part of a story..

Bunny loves to learn book

The Bunny Loves to Learn picture book is illustrated with great detail – soft rather than harsh colours, but still bright enough to capture the attention of wandering toddlers.  It is quite busy with lots to look at in each page, including real images alongside the illustrations.

bunny loves to learn picture book

The story tells of Buster and his friends having to dress up as characters from history.  As each friend shows and tells about their historical character, we see the costume and learn facts about them.  The historical characters range from Romans, Vikings and Pharaohs, through to Buster’s surprise costume.

Understanding the history side of this picture book is something that’s a bit ahead of N at the moment, so it’s a book that should last him a while, at least until around school age.

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Disclosure: We were sent this book to review as one of the Parragon Book Buddies. All opinions and words are our own.  *Affiliate link

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    1. Definitely feels like there’s more detail than a lot of pictures books. Almost an intermediate level before they move to learning to read themselves.

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