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Oops I missed the photography posts last Monday – time is just drifting by, and my countdown to a week off means my head is already somewhere else.  Not that anything’s organised there yet either!  So I’ve remembered this week to pull out some of my favourite shots.

This weekend was a bit of a relaxing one and started on Friday when I picked up N early from nursery and we went to the park.  Amazingly there were other people there, and even more spookily, it was one of N’s friends from his nursery school.  So they played together, following each other round.

on the fort

Saturday was a bit of a chore day.  We headed into town briefly to pick up some bits and pieces, and N insisted on taking his new Trunki jellyfish grab bag with him.  More to come on that another time, but he’s really taken with it.  Of course we had to stop for a snack as well.

new startrite pumps

We’ve finished swimming for the holidays but I did take N to the open air pool for the first time.  No photos unfortunately as it’s a swimming pool obviously – such a shame, but his face when we walked outside and he saw the pool was brilliant.  Shame it didn’t help him swim as he didn’t want to try being on his back or a star float.  Forgetting his woggle didn’t help things as we were reliant on the float and me holding him up.

After lunch it was the Brailes Show so we popped along there for a couple of hours.  We had a lovely time, and it was great the weather held off.

eating lemon cake

Sunday, as like so many other places, the weather wasn’t great.  N went out with his dad for the morning to help out shepherding and the like.  So I got to do the long awaited housework and relax.  I had some crafting time as well – I can’t wait to write that up as I’ve got some really fun and cute things to share – although N didn’t want to have a go as well..

I didn’t set foot outside the house which is quite unheard of, but oddly after such a relaxing day, I’ve been exhausted.  Mondays really aren’t good even though they come after 2 days off work.

Did you get up to anything interesting? Do you end up having chore days at the weekend, or manage to keep that to the week only?

living arrows

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment 🙂

    I love open air pools – we’re lucky enough to have a lido near us and have had some great days out playing in it. Definitely a great summertime treat.

    1. They make me think of my childhood where we used to hang out all day chatting to the other teenagers we knew there. Great fun. Can’t wait for N to actually be able to swim on his own though, then I’ll be able to do some proper swimming as well.

    1. Yep, it’s quite hard to come by lidos. Ours spent a lot of time closed, but we’ve been swimming at lunchtimes – a few of us from work which has been amazing.

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