Living Arrows 1 – 2015

practising writing shopping lists - Living ArrowsAll of a sudden N is interested in writing and letters.  It’s taking him a while, but with a bit of guidance and encouragement, he can write all the letters in his first name (ok, not in a line and not all following the correct route to writing them – I try but he ignores me – but it’s a start).  He especially likes writing shopping lists.  Really it’s a lot of zigzag lines (or continuous ‘up down ups’ aka Ns) across a page.

Here he was filling a notepad from a party bag with them.  He looked so pleased with himself.

Living Arrows

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12 thoughts on “Living Arrows 1 – 2015

    1. Mine doesn’t colour in, just ‘writing’. Any notepad isn’t safe. He’s got tonnes of unused sticker books that people give us and colouring books. Should really give them away.

  1. Aww this is a very sweet photo. I remember Shayla (5) our second doing this. Just lines and lines on every piece of paper she could find. I started to find it annoying but this picture makes me nostalgic and miss it xxx they grow too quick don’t they?

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