Living Arrows 2015 week 12 – Beat the Train

I had so many photos to choose from for Living Arrows this week, thanks to having been on holiday. Some gorgeous ones on the beach (yep, that late afternoon sun is a blinder for creating amazing photos), but this one of N at Babbacombe Model Village jumped out.

Mostly because I was amazed to get him mid run, with both feet off the ground.  It’s not the most attractive of photos – lots of boring green, and I wish it’d been warm enough for him to wear his bright orange coat which always stands out in photos.  But it really shows how much he was enjoying running up and down, trying to chase the model train around the track, and the determination to beat it.

running child at Babbacombe

I’ll just have to share all the other photos in later holiday posts.

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living arrows pic

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11 thoughts on “Living Arrows 2015 week 12 – Beat the Train

  1. I LOVE photos where children are just gleefully doing their own thing, unaware their moment is being captured. I’m going to strive to get more of this on my blog this year.

  2. Great action shot! Look forward to hearing about your holiday. I went to Babbacombe Model Village when I was 10 and it made such an impression on me. I also remember having a can of Lilt and thinking Devon was so exotic!

    1. Love that memory. I have a similar random memory of Bourton model village, that we went with my cousins, and I was an adult price, but I managed to get in for child price, while my younger cousin didn’t. Babbacombe was a really good one. We could have gone round again if it hadn’t been so cold.

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