Going the lazy but sensible route with Stuck on You name labels

It’s getting to the time of year when I’m trying to decide and buy school uniform for N.  While he does have sweatshirts and a polo shirt for both nurseries, It’s sporadic in when he actually wears them, depending on what’s been washed when.  From September I’m going to have to get wise otherwise he’ll end up going into school in someone else’s or his own dirty unwashed uniform.

Once I’ve finally found a pair of grey school trousers that might look as though they could fit, I’m sorted and ready to start labelling everything.  Currently I write on his nursery jumper labels his initials, but in future, everything needs labelling.  While I’m sure in an ideal world he’d have the old style sew in labels like I used to have, I’m pleased to have discovered Stuck on You labels that we were sent to review.

Stuck on You name labels

I’ve never been quite sure about sticky labels as a solution for clothes that have to be washed over and over again so it’s been interesting to see how we’ve got on.  I ordered standard name labels and shoe labels.

The order process was really easy.  I didn’t want pretty icons or fancy lettering, but there’s numerous options available.  Just don’t ask the children what they want or they’ll be there for ages choosing.  I stuck with a classic easy to read font and black and blue lettering on a white background.  For the shoe labels you can choose to have some which indicate left and right – when you put the shoes together, the labels look like they fit together right.  I opted for standard shoe labels though – I think N’s just lazy and likes to annoy me by putting his shoes on the wrong feet!

I have to say stickers are so far doing the job. For starters when they arrived, I didn’t guess what was in the envelope because I’d expected it to be bulkier.  But they’re so easy to store – just slot the label sheets into a filing system (note to self, must get one of those!).

stuck on you shoe name labels

They were easy to peel off the backing, and fitted perfectly on the clothing labels. N has a really long name so I was a bit worried about how long the labels would be, but the short choice worked perfectly for us.  There is the option of ironing over them (there are instructions how to do it) to make them really tightly adhered, but I’ve not bothered.  So far, we’ve used a few in his nursery jumpers to test them, in his shoes (to help him get the right feet, I started off by just putting them in the left shoe, and it seems to be working well. Obviously once he’s at school I’ll put them in both shoes).

They’ve gone through the wash on his nursery jumpers with no problems – admittedly, I generally wash on 30C (or 40C max), but they look like new.  I also added them on his swim wear that he took into nursery in the hot weather.  Again, they’ve been through washing and several swimming lessons, plus paddling pool fun.  There’s no sign of unsticking yet.

Stuck on you name labels on swimwear

I’ve been really impressed with the Stuck on You labels, and I’ve plenty left for his new uniform once I’ve got it.  I reckon I’ll make an evening of it sticking labels on, although it’s so easy, I could just give the job to N to do it himself.

What’s your current method of labelling?

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Disclosure: I was sent labels of my choice for the purpose of review. All opinions and words are my own.

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8 thoughts on “Going the lazy but sensible route with Stuck on You name labels

  1. These are such a great idea! I teach PE to year 1 on a Thursday and it drives me insane with the number of children who have no name in their clothes and ALWAYS lose their things. X

    1. I don’t bother for nursery (apart from nursery jumpers if he wears them), but for school when everyone’s in the same uniform. I’m already despairing, N never remembers anything, so there’s no hope, Especially when 4 days out of 5, he’ll be picked up to go to after school club and it won’t be me checking he’s got everything!

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