Living Arrows 2015 week 35 – laughing

This week’s living arrows photo doesn’t show N in his best light, but I love it.

We were just mucking around in the kitchen, and he was pulling faces, and laughing at me.  He didn’t want his photo taken, but then was quite happily being silly.  I snapped a few in quick succession, several I liked…they showed the change in him from thinking seriously right through to this one of natural laughter.

Typical N – full of laughter and silliness.

laughing boy

living arrows pic

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9 thoughts on “Living Arrows 2015 week 35 – laughing

  1. Love these kind of photos . 🙂

    I love those kinda goofy moments with kids. My living arrows photo is a silly snap too. They are the moments I never want to forget, though.


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