My Sunday Photo – nearly harvest

We do have some arable on the farm, but mostly grass for sileage or haylage, and a bit of crops.  But I’d spotted this field a while ago with the poppies on the roadside and wanted to go back and take some photos.

I went back last Sunday thinking the wheat would have been harvested, but it was still there.  The field has no fence or hedge, it’s right up to the road, with a tiny grass verge/path separating the road and field.  I jumped out with my phone and camera, and started snapping away, much to the amusement of various drivers going past.

I could have done with a bit more distance alongside the field because I struggled to get down low enough without sitting the the road, but I was really pleased with the photos that I got.

Silent Sunday poppies against wheat field


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30 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – nearly harvest

  1. Poppies are such a pretty flower, I love how the red of the petals make the field color pop. Beautiful! Happy Sunday!

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