Peter Rabbit and The Great Breakout dvd giveaway

While N doesn’t watch Peter Rabbit as frequently as he used to, we’ve still got 3 folders of tv shows on our HD recorded which I really need to go through and get rid of the duplicates.  I can’t believe there are over 100 episodes…or maybe I can with the amount of Peter Rabbit shows we’ve watched over the past 2 or 3 years.

Peter Rabbit’s one of those tv shows that you can’t dislike.  He’s cheeky and looks out for adventure all the time along with Lily and Benjamin.  With the original books seeming dated now, the tv shows have bought the character up to date along with the modern books which we also enjoy.  In fact, Peter and his 2 friends almost feel a bit Harry Potter-esque with Lily the know it all like  Hermione Grainger, Benjamin a bit vacant like Ron Weasley and Peter also having lost his father.

Peter Rabbit the tale of the great breakout giveaway

The 2nd May sees the release of the 4th dvd collection with further tales of rabbit adventures, from Abbey Home Media

The Great Breakout sees Mr McGregor capturing Squirrel Nutkin and the entire squirrel tribe in his garden with Peter needing to stage a mass break out to save his squirrel friends.

Alongside The Great Breakout there are 5 other exciting episodes and all the favourite characters.  The DVD also comes with a free height chart.

You can buy The Great Breakout from Amazon (preorder it now).  Alternatively I’ve been given a copy to giveaway to one of my readers. Enter below to win a copy by answering the question and then entering via the rafflecopter widget.

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119 thoughts on “Peter Rabbit and The Great Breakout dvd giveaway

  1. Benjamin Bunny – he’s taught my daughter that it’s OK to be scared sometimes and if you stay calm you can also be really brave.

  2. My niece adores Peter Rabbit himself, because he’s slightly naughty – and my brother leaves little treats for her, telling her they’re from Peter Rabbit.

  3. My little man likes Peter Rabbit because he is always being chased be the farmer, but always finds a way to escape.

  4. Mrs Tiggywinkle because she reminds the kids of me! Not sure if it’s a compliment but i do wear an apron when baking so I’m hoping it’s that.

  5. My twin boys love Peter, they get excited when the music comes on at the exciting chase bit in each programme x

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