My Sunday Photo – lambing

It’s getting towards the end of lambing season on our farm (it feels like it’s been going on for ages), and N’s sheep have nearly all lambed.

He has 10 sheep, 6 have lambs, 3 are still to lamb and 1 was found not to be pregnant.  So N’s a happy little boy.

His sheep and lambs are currently in the paddock behind our garden, so each morning he looks out of the window to check they’re ok. And on coming back from school, he’ll go out with his dad to feed them and count they’re all there.

This photo was taken one evening this week.  I grabbed my phone to take a photo from the house, of N walking along with his sheep and lambs following behind.

I was reminded of the Pied Piper of Hamelin.

follow my leader with sheep - lambing season


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24 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – lambing

  1. It’s so cute that N has his own mini flock, when most children his age have soft toys! I love the way he looks totally in control of the sheep; so confident, so young.


  2. If you’re looking to marry N off, please do tell me. My eldest absolutely loves sheep and I think she’d willingly marry anyone with their own little flock. Great image and he does indeed look like the Pied Piper.

    1. Lol. This made me laugh. I’m sure he’ll have a whole flock by the time he’s a teen, but at the moment he’ll be sharing his sheep with the little girl across the road who’s also got sheep.

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