Living Arrows 2016 week 22 – funny glasses

This weekend we visited my best friend and N’s godmother up in Manchester. The aim was to go up to Tatton for Geronimo Festival, but the boys would have had just as good a weekend just staying at their house and going to the park.

N did love all of his ‘god-brother’s’ toys, even those he’d usually say were too babyish.  But the favourite was a medical case set I bought my godson for Christmas, and these doctor funny glasses! Comedy faces were essential and just had to be this week’s Living Arrows shot.  N’s also been a bit of a poser recently for photos, although unfortunately they’ve tended to involved this say ‘cheese’ grin.

funny glasses Living Arrows 22 - Bubbablue and me

Living Arrows

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8 thoughts on “Living Arrows 2016 week 22 – funny glasses

  1. Lol bless him and that great big cheesy grin. He really does seem pleased with those specs.xx #livingarrows

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