Living Arrows 2016 week 43 – family laughter

This week’s Living Arrows, week 43, was a photo taken while N’s cousin was over playing.  The pair of them were absolutely hyper and had decided to put on a ‘talent show’ for me to judge the best performance.

The ‘talent’ was lacking, unless it was based on the ability to make everyone else in the room laugh a lot. When I took this one, N was watching his cousin falling off a space hopper.

Living arrows week 43 laughing at his cousin

Living Arrows

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11 thoughts on “Living Arrows 2016 week 43 – family laughter

  1. Oh his rosy cheeks, gorgeous! Ahh bless them – it’s a talent in itself to make people laugh though isn’t it – unless it wasn’t intentional ha ha! x x #livingarrows

    1. Ah no, they were mucking around supposedly doing a talent show. But it involved a kids electric guitar, a gun from the fair (I was not impressed when he brought that home with him), and a pink space hopper.

  2. It sounds fab. We did a talent show last week. It was fun. Sometimes I wish Sylvia had family close by to come over and play though. Lovely image! #LivingArrows

    1. We are really lucky all being nearby. Apart from my wider family who we don’t see very often – only when I go to my best friend’s parents who live near my mum’s family, so I usually stop in and see my cousins then

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