My Sunday Photo – eating out

We ate out recently for a review meal at The Maytime Inn at Asthall.  I’ve never seen a dish quite like this, but I’d definitely be trying it again given half the chance.

I bring you my choice of a bacon avocado and serrano ham wrapped egg.

There are no words for how good this was.

bacon serrano and avocado wrapped egg at Maytime Inn


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15 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – eating out

  1. Oh the Maytime. I may no longer be a resident, but you were sooooo close to the ‘Family Estate’ you wouldn’t believe it. IMO, the Maytime trumps the nearby Swan which has turned itself into a meeting place for people who have had their application for Soho Farmhouse membership rejected. In the politest possible way, I simply can’t comment on your photograph. I just don’t. do. egg. Bad experience when I fried an egg and didn’t cook it properly when I was about 10. Still getting over it now.

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