Living Arrows 2016 week 45 – beater

This month has seen the first pheasant shoot of the season.  I had thought optimistically, that this would mean I’d have Saturdays with N while his dad was shooting.  Of course that didn’t happen, so after swimming N got ready and waited to be picked up and taken off for the day to be a beater.

His get up was interesting…I’m not sure his minion bobble hat was particularly appropriate, and I heard he soon shed his coat because he’s been given a hand-me-down shooting coat from his cousins.  So it seems that every shoot day I’ll be lonely and left to my own devices while he spends a day out walking the countryside.


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11 thoughts on “Living Arrows 2016 week 45 – beater

    1. Hi Kerri-Ann, the beaters are the guys who walk through and ‘beat’ the bushes and the game strip crops to get the pheasants to fly for the guns at a shoot. Some put dogs in to snuffle through, but N just walked through himself.

    1. Yes, hoping I can arrange to meet up with friends. Although the plan would be to do something with him on the sundays, but next weekend won’t work because I’ve got a blogger meet up on the Sunday so won’t see if him he goes on the shoot.

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