Living Arrows 2017 week 11 – wheeling the gator

Living Arrows 2017 week 11 Gator wheeling

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17 thoughts on “Living Arrows 2017 week 11 – wheeling the gator

    1. He is. Last night after school he went off shepherding! I have so few photos because N goes off with his uncle or dad, so I’m never with them to see what he actually gets up to. Although might have to walk/cycle down the road to see the lambing this weekend.

    1. The battery powered gators are brilliant. It’s been through 3 of them in the family and really N now needs to pass it on to a friend’s boy, as he’s a bit big for it now. It’s really helped his spatial awareness too – being able to drive one of these and reverse and steer at aged 2, means he’s going to be a really confident driver

    1. I’m dreading it. He’s pretty much destined to be a farmer, and certainly loves it. He’s just like his cousin who was always the same when he was younger.

    1. They are great vehicles. This came free with 2 tractors the guys bought about 11 years ago. It’s been through 2 cousins before N got it. He’s a bit old for it now though, so getting ready to pass it on to a friend’s boy.

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