Living Arrows 2017 week 16 – outdoor fun

I’d been meaning to return to Upton House (National Trust) for a while now, and had been hoping to see the new 1920s displays and the refilled mirror lake.  But we went today for the Easter Egg hunt and the mirror lake was still empty and complete with JCB digger in it

N had a great time with his cousin, they spent a lot of time rolling down slopes, running around and just generally having a bit of rough and tumble outdoor fun.  We were only there for about an hour – perfect when you’ve got membership and live 5 minutes round the corner!

Living Arrows 2017 week 16 fun at Upton house

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12 thoughts on “Living Arrows 2017 week 16 – outdoor fun

  1. He looks like he’s having a great time just running around. We keep meaning to get NT membership but then think we’ll leave it until we actually have a plan to go somewhere and that hasn’t happened yet! #LivingArrows

    1. I go through phases with ours. Probably used ours less this year, but then we have been away in the UK a few times and used it. Doesn’t take long to break even.

    1. It’s not the best for children – just a walk, the woodland trail which is good, and there’s usually something interactive in the house, but mostly it’s a lot of art. I only take N there when we’re with friends and want a quick nip out or if there’s a specific activity on like Easter

  2. I love how having an annual membership makes you visit more often, we’re the same with our NT and Trentham passes. Rolling down hills always makes G laugh #livingarrows

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