Living arrows 2017 week 41 – fill your pockets

Post harvest festival means collecting conkers from a tree on the village green.  N certainly got his fill. With a small bucket haf full at home, this last lot has now pretty much filled the basket.

Great autumn times for Living Arrows this week.

pockets full of conkers

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16 thoughts on “Living arrows 2017 week 41 – fill your pockets

  1. We can’t find any conkers close to home, we did plan a trip to a national trust property to find some but sickness beat us to it. N looks like he’s happy with his full pockets x

    1. Oh that’s a shame. Someone in the village was saying there’s problems with millions of conker trees (like the ash problem years ago), but I’m hoping she’s wrong about that. Autumn wouldn’t be the same without conkers

  2. I love all the changes in nature in Autumn, but we haven’t found any conkers yet! I think we need to have a better look if you have managed a basket full! I love that N’s pockets are full of conkers x

    1. You’re the second person who’s said they’ve not seen any. We have loads of trees near us, although the ones in the parks have been emptied of them a while ago.

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