Living arrows 2017 week 40 – hama beads

Hama beads. The craft toy that spans ages and both boys and girls.  And a great little photo of N for this week’s living arrows.

N isn’t really that keen on arts and crafts, but turn up with some new hama beads like I did last week from Blog On’s goody bag, and he’s in heaven.  This is the design he decided on – made quicker by him telling me to help him and what I needed to put where. Then the next morning I got up and found he’d made a second one.

We seem to have lost his other container of beads and boards, so hopefully we find them again.

Living Arrows 2017 weel 4-

Affiliate link – you can buy Hama beads from Amazon or other toy shops.

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11 thoughts on “Living arrows 2017 week 40 – hama beads

  1. Aw no, Im gutted to have missed you at blogon. There were just so many people, and it turns out i am rubbish at recognising people who aren’t wearing the same clothes/expression as in their profile photos! It was amazing though, I really hope we bump into each other next year. We won the huge set of Hama beads from the raffle too and its put away for xmas, all the kids love Hama beads, hours of fun!

    1. I’m awful too. I found I missed more people at blog on than I did at BML – probably because it was across different floors. Ah, lucky you winning that massive set, the kids will love it

  2. It was lovely to meet you at Blog On ! We haven’t opened the Hama beads sampler yet, I think I’m going to save it for the October half term. N has made a brilliant design, well done him x

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