My Sunday Photo – calendula

The flowers in our wall always come out late. As though they’re trying to trick me. Thankfully we still have lots of colour with the orange and yellow calendula. I remember reading one of those personalised books as a child and there was a mention of calendula being the birth flower for October. Spot on for me then.

I just like having pretty flowers come up year after year without me doing anything..

calendula living still in the rain


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12 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – calendula

  1. Gorgeous colours! We’ve got one more flower still coming into bloom in our garden (needless to say I have no idea what it’s called!).

  2. That is a pretty flower and sure is flowering late. Wish we had something like this in our garden but it resembles a quagmire, truth be told! Love the yellow of this flower. #MySundayPhoto

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