I know I’ve forgotten to make of 2 books we read yesterday, and they’re in N’s bedroom where he sleeps, so I’ll need to add those to next week’s tot up.  With the big weather improvement it does mean that there’s been a bit less reading going on as we’ve moved outside for more play.

300pbs picture books week 11

Again we’ve been to the library, plus we’ve also received a few books to read.  And the charity shops have had a new load of books in.

A favourite from this week seems to be Mr Tiger goes Wild – turns out they have it at one of his nurseries.   Bet the Vet also went down well, to me it seemed quite like The Lady who Swallowed a Fly.

  • This week’s books: 11
  • 300 picture books total to day: 161 (53.6%)

300 picture books


    • It quite often takes us ages to get round to the library books we get out. Thanks for popping by

  1. Laura @ Kneadwhine

    Oh, I do love that you do this – D went through a phase of wanting Squash and a Squeeze every day for a while.

    • Oh yes, squash and a squeeze was a definite favourite here for a long time.

    • Thanks. They’re mostly quite random choices as we find them, but we have got hold of some real classics that we’ve both enjoyed. Shame this challenge is very much superceding my progress on my 50 book challenge. I’m really behind on that one!

  2. Katie Clark

    Oh, I just love A Grin Without A Cat. I’ve heard of Bet The Vet. Definitely one to go on the list #300PBS

    • I wasn’t expecting a chapter style picture books for Grin without a Cat. But given we went to Alice’s Day in Oxford last year, it was quite nice to have this to help explain the local connections. Thanks for popping by

  3. I have just bought Aliens in Underpants! Can’t wait to read them x

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