We’re two weeks in to our challenge, and it’s still going well.

I think N’s really benefitting from trying new books.  Whereas before, he’d take ages to pick up a new book, now he’s more open to trying one.  Ok, so maybe he’ll close a book a few pages in, and we’ll try it again another time, but at least I’m allowed to suggest a different book to his usual favourites.

We’ve also made another tip to the library so have a new stash of books to read.  N loves the library, although his ‘shhh’s’ on entering aren’t really as quiet as maybe they should be!

#pbs week 2
Week 2 in picture books


  • Books read week 2 – 22/365 (6%)
  • Books read total – 38/365 (10%)
  • Days – 12/365 (3%)


  1. A great selection of books. I do love reading all these entries and getting ideas for new books to read, especially on lists that include favourites of ours. We love Jonny Duddle. Thank-you for linking up.

  2. Beth @plasticrosaries

    Woah your list is SO organised! We’ve got the whole set of those Dinosaur books – they’re perfect for bed time here :)!

    • Organised? That made me laugh. It should be my middle name. Although if you saw my bookshelves you’d not be thinking that at all.

      N’s funny with dinosaur books. Sometimes he loves them, others he really hates.

  3. Claire @ Great British Family Blog

    I’m not familliar with any of these books so lots of inspiration for us too. I’m glad N is more open to reading new books thanks to this challenge.

  4. Wow, that is a lot in a week, like you say you can fit in reading them even in a busy week. We loved the Pip and Posy stories when mine were a bit younger 🙂

    • I’ve not come across those books before, but anything with animals in goes down well with N!

  5. That’s a lot of books! Oh, the Owl who was afraid of the dark – must try to find that, it’s a favourite here.

    • I loved that as a child but it was the proper paperback version. Can’t remember where I got it from now.

    • I have to write down all my linkys and days otherwise I never remember. Seems to be a lot with the challenges this year, but it’s not too bad – might not be saying that 6 months down the line!

    • I’d not read any of the Pip & Posy before. N’s never that keen on ‘potty training’ books…makes him think I’m trying to hint at him (hmm, wonder why he gets that idea?!), but he didn’t mind that one.

  6. Wow – you’re doing great with the number you’ve read. Now my daughter is back at kindergarten we don’t have so many opportunities to stop everything and snuggle up with a book. I think it will take us a bit longer to get to 300!

    • It makes life easier when he comes into bed with me in the morning before we get up. A couple of picture books on the side to choose from works wonders. And we sometimes have 10 minutes in a morning before heading out the door. Before bathtime there’s sometimes another 10-15 minutes. I find having books all over the place within easy reach works really well for us. To be honest though I’m astounded at how many we can get through – he’s at nursery 8-5.30 Mon-Wed and nursery school 8.30-3 on the other days, plus I work full time. So it’s definitely possible.

  7. Loads of great books there! I’ve just read Pip & Posy and The Little Puddle to Little Man tonight. Glad that N’s becoming more open to new books, too. Boo loves new books, whereas Little Man tends towards a few favourites.

    • It’s cute how they’re all so different. I think N’s just finding he recognises a lot more books as well – from 2 nurseries as well as home. And getting more adventurous – although he is a bit strange wanting to read the phonic books that were boxed, but now tipped all over the floor – they’re so dull to read!

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