climbing at soft play
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Big kids soft play

Today we joined one of N’s friends at a soft play place in town for her 2nd birthday.  N’s never really that fussed about soft play.  He tends to head straight for the things he has at home or are just toys on the ground as such (Little Tikes houses, hoovers, trikes, rocker etc).  Although he’s been round both the toddler and the older children’s frames, he just ignores them, or climbs up the first part then turns round and returns again.

He usually has a short time on the trampoline, and maybe a wander round the todder/baby sensory area, but that’s about it.  Meanwhile, all his friends are longing to go up on the big kids frame.

But today, halleluia!

I asked him before going whether he was going on the climbing frame and slide.  “Yes”. After a bit of a false start (let’s face it, a trike that he can’t reach the pedals on, is just way too attractive to an almost 2 year old, and the Vtech activity walker like the one at home isn’t too young for him), I checked if he wanted to go on the climbing frame and slide.  And off he ran…to the big frame.

softplay fun

Shame for me (or good if you look at it in exercise terms), as that means I have to go with him.  It was packed today – obviously everyone taking their children to softplay before school starts again tomorrow – so he ended up holding up lots of older children as they clambered past him.

climbing at soft play

One time down the big wavy slide was obviously enough (thankfully, as it’s a tad on the tight side for my backside!), but we ended up back up on the frame a few more times before lunch.

It seems that soft play is now worth going to – 1 1/2 hours later, I think he only stopped playing because some of the others had lunch on the table.

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