newborn to 2 years old

Birthday boy – 2 today

My little man is now 2.  Just in the last couple of weeks he’s come on so much.

He’s now 88cm tall, weighs 2 stone and has size 6 feet.

In the last 2 weeks he’s been putting together words left right and centre, and his speech is getting a bit clearer.

He loves making noises along with the vehicles he’s playing with, and his favourite teddy is now his big B-Bear.

He’s started being more independent about what he wants and is given.  No tantrums about clothing yet, but he likes to choose which dribble bib he’s wearing.  Unfortunately he’s still waiting on the final 2 teeth which means the dribbling is non-stop!  I’d hoped it would have finished by now.

Ordering people around is also high on his agenda.  “this way”, “pull”, “over here” are favourites dragging whoever it is to whatever or wherever he wants.

Some of his favourite things:

  1. Food – anything that involves yoghurt, cake, salmon, potato, fruit, broccoli
  2. Toys – tractors (hmm, wonder why he got more tractors for his birthday, although no new Tractor Ted dvd), jigsaws, train set, playing with his plastic food and his bowls/plates
  3. Books – loves most of his books, but especially Spot books, Each Peach Pear Plum, and anything with emergency vehicles or tractors & farms in
  4. Music – he enjoys playing his harmonica and jingling/bashing his little tambourine. Sometimes he’ll dance along, others he won’t, but he can’t believe his eyes sometimes when we flick to find some music channels to watch.  Oh, and he loves ‘rock’ time with his dad watching a recording of part of an AC/DC concert.
  5. Family – while he loves all his family, he’s very much a ‘Gramp’s boy.  Has to go over to the farm to see him rather than Granny.  He also loves being with his cousins, helped by the fact they all look after him well.

Come next week, he’ll be moving up to the Ducks room at nursery.  Then will come all the new more grown up playing and learning.

newborn to 2 years old
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  1. Happy Birthday little fella! Lovely for him to grow up with lots of family around him too x

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