The birthday interview at age 5 - Bubbablue and me

Birthday Interview with a 5 year old

N’s now turned 5 – yes, that final week of him being 4 rushed past like anything.  So I remembered to sit down and do my birthday interview with him…now he’s a year older.

We’ve been doing these since he was nearly 2 1/2 years old so I expected a lot more conversation.  But N’s obviously a child of very few words when it comes to a formal question and answer session.  That’s in total contrast to what he’s usually like when he talks non-stop.

I wanted to record him as well although that was a little harder to persuade him.  Until he got into it and I had him rolling all over the place while I interviewed him!

The birthday interview at age 5 - Bubbablue and me

So, here’s my interview with my 5 year old.

What’s your favourite colour?  Purple, pink, blue, purple.  No, I’ve got, my favourite colour is £100 pound coin.  Gold colour

What’s your favourite toy?  Er, my blankie.  (seriously needs to get rid of this)

What’s your favourite food? Macaroni cheese (no change there then.  It must run in the family because it’s his cousin’s favourite meal as well)

What’s your favourite tv show? Mr Tumble (because he’d just had it on tv, I’m convinced.  Usually it’s Horrid Henry he loves, Peter Rabbit, andalthough most of the time he watches recordings rather than live).  I like Horrid Henry. I like Peter Rabbit.  All 3 of them.

Where do we live?  England. Is that right?   (he also knew our ‘village’ although I know he never remembers the name of the house or farm).

What does mummy do? Work.  (I was quite surprised at this.  We’ve had a few discussions about what I do, and only the other day I told him all about a trip to an Energy Recovery Facility we visited as part of work.  So he really should know that I work somewhere that’s all about reducing waste and reusing items.  Some work to do on that obviously).

What does daddy do? Farming

Who’s your best friend?  L (his best friend at school)

What do you want to be when you grow up? A farmer (no surprise there)

What’s your favourite thing to do with mummy?  Nothing.  (What?! So all of those trips we go on, walks, scooting and biking in the parks.  I may as well just sit him in front of the tv!)

What’s your favourite thing to do with daddy? Farming.  And go for break time to Auntie J’s house and play til lunch time.

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Auntie J’s  (I thought he’d say Africa because he’s a bit obsessed with Africa since our lodger went on a horse veterinary visit before Christmas, and the landlady in the pub is there on holiday at the moment.  This just shows that he gets prompted by other pictures or ideas that go before).

What makes you happy? Doing lots of farts

What makes you sad? Doing a hurty cry

What makes you scared? Nothing makes me scared

What’s your favourite sport? Everything.  No thank you poo bum.  Goalkeeper and piggy in the middle. We do dancing and stuff.  The best thing at the end is  a match at the end of football.

What’s your favourite book? Peter Rabbit book. (that’s not the book he chooses most often)

Some of his answers I’m a bit surprised about.  He obviously still throws in whatever he’s just been watching or doing, rather than being able to remember things.  Of course, the silliness comes in as well including the ‘poo’ talk.  I’ve no idea what goes through little boys’ brains to make them so obsessed with the word poo all the time.

Have you done ‘interviews’ with your children before?  What kind of things do they come out with?

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  1. Oh I love little interviews. This is so cute. Yes what is it about all that boo talk. Mine two, mostly started by older brother laugh their heads off at the word poo and then go crazy with it. Obsessed. I have six brothers I remember them being obsessed too growing up. Boys will be boys and girls may follow hahahahah Too cute love the silliness too. 🙂 Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

    1. Yes, definitely the boys who start it…I just don’t think they ever grow out of it compared with girls. But they can all be cute with it at this age. It’s hard not to giggle at it myself.

      Thanks for stopping by Jenny

  2. This is so lovely – I love his reply to what he likes to do with you – that is probably what Pickle would say! Despite my efforts to do EVERYTHING with him! Great post. Kaz x

    1. Exactly the same here. His dad doesn’t do anything – no supporting at school, no taking him out, no family holidays. Just takes him on the farm. I do everything else – visits, days out, holidays, school stuff, swimming, park visits, out on bikes, eating out.

  3. Hahahaha bless him. Happy belated birthday and such a lovely idea to do interviews with your kids it’s another way to learn about them

  4. That’s a really sweet idea – and it’s not only five-year-old boys who think poo is hilarious, definitely three-year-old girls as well. It’s interesting how immediate they are, that they might have a very distinct favourite but something that’s been in their mind five minutes before is often what gets mentioned.

    1. Hmm, delightful children!

      You’re right. N’s mad – most things he can’t remember from a moment ago, but then he’ll come out with things he remembers from when he was much younger.

  5. aww I love this. So glad he knew where he lived. Some of our children in the nursery have no idea.

  6. I love those answers, Z would reply the same to so many. He loves Horrid Henry too and still a big fan of Sarah and Duck. I might try these on him. A big Happy Birthday to N:)

    1. Yes, N likes Sarah and Duck as well. Bizarre programme in my view. I’m trying to get him off Cbeebies and try more of CBBC, but he still prefers the babyish programmes which I hate.

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