Chatty toddler

N’s never really been quiet ever since he’s started making noises.  Thankfully we didn’t have much public shrieking, and in public he does tend to be a bit quieter, letting others do the talking.

He’s picking up new words left, right and centre now.  Tonnes of single words, but relatively few two word phrases, although there’s a couple of new ones coming through.  He’s generally been hitting all the averages that he should throughout development, but it’s interesting seeing how his other friends are developing with different words and at different speeds.

There’s a couple of the girls who’re virtually speaking in sentences, really clearly, and saying words of several syllables.  Others we know of at similar ages say very little and don’t even jabber to themselves.  It’s very much each to their own which is how it should be with children who will obviously get there in their own time.

N’s always talked jibberish, and it’s only recently that he’s got the ‘c’ sound (before it was coming out as ‘d’).  The main one he now needs to get is ‘t’ as at the moment his cousin’s name Tommo/Tommy is coming out as Nommy which gets confusing when he likes to talk about and point to his tummy.  I’m trying to encourage him to put words together like ‘green tractor’ and ‘brown coat’ but it’s like having an echo – we still just get the second word.

It’s good that other people are now understanding more of what he’s saying.  Everything’s getting clearer, and I’m sure by the time he’s two in a few weeks time, he’ll be well on the way to learning more ‘sentences’.

The ones I have to try and do, is prevent his Dad from teaching him crude language, that he thinks is funny, but really isn’t appropriate for a toddler, let alone a primary school child.  I don’t really want N being ostracised by his peers and parents for being the foul mouthed child in their class!

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