Oh dear, it’s started already with the double booking issues…not for me, but for N.

Working across 5 days a week does automatically mean you miss out on a lot of occasions, get togethers, groups & toddler sessions. Although N doesn’t miss out as he still gets to do all the various activities through nursery.  It’s more that I miss seeing my mum friends as we only have weekends free. Then I’m generally free but friends don’t tend to be because that’s family time – and obviously the only time working families get to cram in all the things they need to get done.

We do have Friday afternoons, although at the moment they’re taken up with swimming. But the clash is that now we’ve got a birthday party invite, Unfortunately due to a late half term this year swimming is on that week.

So, the dilemma is whether we miss swimming.

I’ve already paid (a lot) for it, and we’ve already missed one due to illness, we’re also likely to miss more given previous attendance records.  The party I’m sure he’d love (more than swimming), but it’s for a 4 year old so he’ll be the youngest by miles. He’ll have eaten lunch at nursery before the party but the party is over what would usually be his nap time.  Plus N wouldn’t miss not going, although potentially the birthday boy might be a little offended (maybe not if he’s got his other friends there).

Oh dilemmas dilemmas…


  1. notmyyearoff

    Mmmm tough one. I would love the cake but swimming sounds calmer… But then he might enjoy the party! Tough one (sorry, not much advice!)

    • He’s not a fan of swimming so would probably prefer the party, chasing round after the bigger kids. Although if he’s knackered (unlikely that he’d get put down for a morning sleep at nursery on a half day), it could be hellish

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