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Getting dressed, and cardigans and jumpers

N does come out with some classic phrases, as do most toddlers.

He’s now getting to the stage where he wants to get himself dressed and undressed.  Or really, not dressed at all, as he seems to remove socks and trousers when he’s at nursery.

But at home, he gets very proud of being able to put on his own clothes, although he seems to combine both a head first and arms first approach to putting on a t-shirt.  I’ve had to put away all of his age 2-3 t-shirts and get out the age 3-4, as a lot of the smaller size seem very small over his head.

He does have some amusing phrases for his clothes, and I’m not entirely sure where he’s got some of them from.

‘Jim jams’ – I’m presuming this is from the OH as I tend to shorten them to pjs.  It took a while to work out what he was talking about, but we’ve got it now.

‘Card’. This one stumped me for a while.  Turns out he’s referring to a cardigan, although he doesn’t really have cardigans, he has jumpers or zip up hoodies.  But the latter we tend to call jackets, so he’s getting a little confused when he says ‘I put on my card’ and is holding a jumper.

Mind you, knitwear must be a bit confusing which I realised when I started trying to explain that it wasn’t a cardigan, it was a jumper.  But in fact, the item in question that day was probably more like a pullover.  I think I made it even more of a nightmare.

He’s sticking with ‘card’ though.

Have your children come up with any other interesting terminology for clothing?

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