Getting dressed

Although N’s been helping me dress him for a while (arms go in the sleeves when I hold the coat or jumper) and he’s proficient at removing items – can take his coat off, pull his trousers up and down, put his dribble bib round his neck, put his shoes/wellies on and remove them, the last couple of weeks he’s been trying to be a lot more independent when it comes to clothes and getting dressed.

He’s pretty good at putting his coat on…well, he can get a correct arm in a correct sleeve, although struggles to get any further.

He can now just about get his arms out of t-shirt and vest sleeves, and then take it off (looks like a contortionist whilst doing it).

This morning he was putting my knickers on while I was in the shower…no son, maybe you want to practise with your own pants rather than mine.  Especially telling me “big pants” at the same time!

He can also put his legs in his trousers while sitting and then stand and pull them up.  Highly amusing watching him trying to put them on while standing though.

Bizarrely, he struggles to take his socks off.  When you think a lot of children don’t manage to keep theirs on, or have fun pulling them off, he’s never really gone through that phase.  He’s tried pulling, but never been able to get them off past his heels.

I don’t think it’s going to be long before he’s trying to get himself dressed alone…although it’s going to make mornings take a lot longer.  Then add to that times like this morning when he didn’t want to sit on the potty for a wee, didn’t want a new nappy putting on, so ran into his bedroom next to the cot and stood and wee’d there.  Not a little amount like he usually does in the potty, but loads!  Mornings before work are definitely going to need more time.

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