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  • Project 52 2021 week 23
    We’re rapidly approaching midsummer in a couple of weeks, and everyone was hoping for freedom day on the 21st. It’s looking like I will be proved right in that I said when it was
  • Non stop talking post lockdown
    I don’t deny it, I am a talker. I always think I’m making up for lost time. Because when I was a child I was really quiet especially in school. People laugh nowadays when
  • Freezing veg and speeding up meal prep
    If I can do anything to speed up meal prep while keeping foods fresh I will. Yes you can batch cook and prepare meals to freeze, which act like ready meals, but I don’t
  • Buying from a milk vending machine
    I’ve always liked milk but N has never been that keen. Well apart from age 1 to 2 when he used to drink a lot after moving from formula onto normal cows milk. But
  • Project 52 2021 week 22 – golfing
    Another week and it’s almost at the end of half term. It’s been glorious weather all week, although I’ve mostly stayed out of it. It’s much cooler inside. Covid wise, Indian variant cases are

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