Nothing like hooning around on a Sunday afternoon when your cousin pops over for an hour’s play.  They had out the swimming woggle and were riding it pretending to be a witch and her cat (Room on the Broom maybe?).  Just loons, the pair of them, but mine in particular!

mucking around with a swimming woggle

Living Arrows


  1. Don’t they always act wonderfully when cousins or those they trust come around to play. I love it! Sweet little man he is!

  2. It’s lovely when cousins are so close, isn’t it? My son and his cousin were born only 7 days apart so behave a bit like twins!

    About the witch and the cat….have you ever watched Kiki’s Delivery Service? It’s one of my boy’s fav films and features a little witch and her cat gigi 🙂 x

    • Wow that is close. It’s definitely good. They’ve got 2.5yrs but so far it doesn’t seem to worry them too much Will have to watch out for the film. Not one I’ve heard of

    • They’re going to be a nightmare together once N starts school, assuming he gets into the same one. It’ll be like the older cousins were when they were at school starting out.

  3. Polka Dot Family

    Swimming woggles can provide hours of entertainment – no water required!

    • Definitely. I think if he’d not had cousins around who were always up at the farm, we’d have had to think more seriously about having a second.

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