Yet another weekend where N’s gone out on the farm with his dad, only to return a short time later with his youngest cousin in tow.

This time there were a few arguments with N telling him that he couldn’t play with his toys, or go on the trampoline.  After a quick word from me about sharing, and being nice (it’s great to be able to give the threat of not going out on the farm again that day/weekend), they were back to mucking about on the trampoline (complete with a broken net not really making it the safest currently).

trampoline fun

living arrows pic


  1. What a super shot! I love the vibrancy and the way that N is smiling straight into the camera. He sounds like he’s living a wonderfully outdoorsy sort of life.

    • That is practically his life. He loves the outdoors, and it does show in that he always looks so healthy.

    • Typical farmer cheeks. He’ll grow into having really rosy cheeks that his dad has!

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