N loves to be outside, so much so that even a boring chore like doing the bins is something he likes to help with.

Our wheelie bins are at the bottom of the drive, and even though the bins are the OH’s job in the house, I’m always the one who ends up doing them.  So it’s a Sunday morning job for us to take down the bin bag and any bags of recycling and boxes.  This week took 2 trips (I’d used small bags instead of a bin bag in the actual bin, plus I had 2 huge cardboard boxes and quite a bit of recycling to take down), even with N helping.  But he doesn’t just carry the bags, they have to be transported on his bike which makes for a wobbly ride.

transporting the rubbish to the bins

living arrows pic


  1. That is exactly the way to involve a child in the housework. A great number of people straggle finding a way to make their kids help them. A child agrees to help and even willingly help when see it as a game. It is admirable that you teach your N to recycle! Cheers

    • He does like to do things for himself. He insisted I buy him a sanding block too, so he was happy.

    • I can’t moan. Peppa Pig may be annoying, but can be really helpful and educational.
      Thanks for shopping by Maria.

  2. Great photo! He looks very determined. We love children that help 😉 popping over from #LivingArrows x

  3. Oh he is just the cutest! He thinks he is so big – what a wonderful little helper! x

    • I think he did go a little over the top with 3 bags hanging off his bike handles this time. It was a bit windy, so that might also not have been very helpful. He does like to copy me though. Very handy

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