I can’t remember the last time I walked down a public footpath across a field.  We do have a key historical one across our land, but haven’t walked along our fields for a while, and I’ve never taken N specifically on a walk along one.  I think that might need to change.

I love seeing the yellow patchwork fields against the green and brown at the moment, and I wanted to get some photos of them.  So I dragged N to walk when I spotted a place to park next to one.  It was on the edge of a nearby village, and all we could see was the rape seed crops in the fields surrounding us.


Measuring height of the rape seed crops

N really enjoyed the short walk we did, and although he moaned about having his photo taken, he was happy to try and measure how tall the crops were against himself.  Needless to say most of the photos with him facing the camera had him scowling, so this was one of my favourites despite the shot of his back.

Do you walk along public footpaths? Have you found any interesting spots on your walks?

living arrows pic


  1. That is a beautiful shot, really natural and lovely. The rape fields are so beautiful at this time of year.

  2. Beautiful photo. I take a lot of photos of the back of my 3 year old as she often pulls funny faces now in photos! Love how the plants are as tall as he is – must be an interesting experience for him!

  3. Joanna @mumbalance

    It’s a lovely shot 🙂 I only post pictures of my son looking away from the camera and it does not take away from the charm and the mood of the picture.
    I like the look of rapeseeds form distance, but once Daddy and me walked through one we were yellow all over! Now I plot our paths to avoid walking through one 🙂

    • Thankfully there was a track alongside this one, although I remember as children doing cross country runs through a rape seed field, and lots of people fainting due to the mix of pollen/hot weather/allrgies

  4. We love seeing the Rape Seed fields as we drive through Hampshire! The make such a beautiful setting. We must try and take some piccys – Great Photo #LivingArrows

  5. Polka Dot Family

    It’s lovely to get out and walk along public footpaths, seeing the scenery and exploring somewhere new.

  6. Lovely picture, such beautiful colour! It is lovely walking along footpaths in fields.
    Thanks for sharing #LetKidsBeKids

  7. When my kids were little my husband would let them walk wherever they wanted to and we would just follow. It was wonderful seeing them just walking along, stopping for ladybugs and worms without anyone rushing them along. That was the best kind of days. Stopping by from Let Kids be Kids.

    • I agree. Definitely good and satisfying to see what they like to explore themselves.

  8. When H and I trained for a marathon we got very bored very quickly when we were on the road so for our long runs we just used to go and find a footpath and explore it – we usually knew roughly where we were and how to get home and I saw great chunks of the countryside doing it – and more than a few patches of nettles! Hopefully when our little ones are a bit bigger we can head out and try to find some of our favourites again!

    • Ooh yes, it’s great taking kids back to places you enjoy. Great excuse too.

  9. How wonderful to have open space like that. We love being out in the countryside. Now Little Mr is walking properly, we’d love to get out more with him and walk some countryside paths x

    • Yes, although I hadn’t realised how long ago it was that I’d been for a walk on our farm. Should really get out and explore more.

    • They’re lovely aren’t they? Just a shame there’s often not much of anything else.

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