N loves his trampoline.  He and his cousin quite frequently are on it.  It’s an activity where it doesn’t really make a difference having a 2 year age gap.

They like to bounce on top of each other, have competitions on who can stay standing for the longest and various other nutty games.  I’m pleased that my duct tape solution on fixing the broken part of the net has worked.  I didn’t fancy paying out £60+ for a new net – for some reason 14 ft 6 pole nets are thin on the ground.

I love how happy he looks here.  With his cousin and best friend playing, bouncing away, and loving that I’m there to watch.

kids bouncing on a trampoline

living arrows pic


    • Totally agree. Just makes the photo light up and it’s a pretty good reflection of what he’s like as a person too.

  1. I think you can get away with pretty big age gaps on trampolines. Theo’s cousins are 10 years older than him, but they all have such fun on it… and of course I have been known to go on there myself too! 😉

    • Yes, I’ve not yet seen or heard of a child who doesn’t like them. So lucky we’ve got the space for a big one too.

    • I know. 2 of his favourite things. Trampolining and his cousin round to play.

    • The trampoline is brilliant, although it’s on the patio because the FIL and OH moaned about not being able to cut the grass under it, so not the safest for climbing on and off it.

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