I was struggling to choose a photo this week.  Mostly because I didn’t want to use one I’d used in other places or posts.  But then I didn’t have too many other lovely photos of N.

Until Sunday, when I wondered where N had disappeared off to, to find him in the kitchen cutting bits of paper up, getting out some craft supplies from my craft drawers, and finding the glue pen to make a creation.

I love how he surprises me with going off on his own to sit quietly and draw or write his ‘lists’, or making interesting artwork.  I never really think of him as a child who enjoys creating – he certainly doesn’t come home with as much artwork from nursery as other children.  But he does obviously sometimes like peace and quiet and being on his own, making magic with art and craft supplies.

The light wasn’t that great (damn that huge south west facing window blasting the sun in too much), but I love how he’s concentrating hard, he’s got a plan for what he’s making, his wet hair from his bath, and his still soft squashy hands of a little boy.

sticking and artwork  -glueing buttons

living arrows pic


    • I always worry because he disappears and then goes quiet, but it’s great he enjoys it…we’re running out of space of all his ‘artwork’ though

  1. Ah I love it when they go on off like to do something productive like that. Looks like a very good collage he’s making there!

    • Yes, he definitely makes some ‘interesting’ things. Mostly looking a bit unfinished.

  2. He looks so grown up there with his concentrating face. Love his shirt too! x

    • It’s a Tu shirt. I love their motif shirts -he’s got a few of different patterns, and seems to like them himself.

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