I’ve had such a hard time choosing which photo I wanted for week 23 of Living Arrows.  We went to London and Legoland, and the weather’s been mostly dry during the week, so there’ve been lots of photo opportunities.  I’ve whittled my favourites down to 2 (sssh, I know it’s only meant to be one!), both from our day trip to Legoland.

I love the one of N in the Duplo splash zone.  I was astounded when he managed to escape relatively splash free!  He had a brilliant time.  This dazed look is just typical N.  Whenever I ask him what he’s looking at, it’s always ‘nothing’.  He takes after my mum because she used to gaze off into the distance lots too.

Legoland splash zone Duplo

The other one I loved (despite me not being able to get a clear shot of him on his own), is of him standing in the queue after his Little L’s driving school lesson, waiting to be let loose on the cars.  Again, another gazing into the distance shot, but it’s almost like he’s planning his route and how he’s going to drive the cars.

Waiting in line at Legoland

living arrows pic


  1. Thanks Sian. It is nice when you take lots. It’s the days when we don’t do anything, work days, that I struggle (unless we get out in the garden in the evening)

  2. How fabulous that you had such a good week with lots of photos! Lovely captures of N!

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