I really struggled to pick my Living Arrows shot for this week.  Having taken around 500 photos last week across 2 cameras and my phone while on holiday camping, whittling down the ones of N that really portrayed him was hard.  But I’ve chosen one finally.

N’s always been a good eater, but I have found that with age he’s got messier rather than cleaner.  When he was weaning, everyone said that baby led weaning was really messy, but I rarely had to clear up anything off the floor or table, and just one small wipe of the mouth.  Food was important to him and it all went directly in.

Now he’s approaching school, and he still seems to be getting worse.  Food everywhere, lots down him and on the floor.  I’m despairing for school because I struggle to get him to wipe his mouth and hands afterwards.  Let’s hope he improves once he’s at school.  Although it’s distraction and fidgeting that’s the problem now, so I dread to think.

This photo was taken on our last night on holiday, post pasta bolognese.  I love how surprised N looks, probably wondering why on earth I was taking a photo of him.

Pasta bolognese mouth - Living Arrows


  1. That’s a cool photo – I love the blue tones! He is lost in thought. I’m sure – like everything – the eating thing will sort itself out.

  2. Aww I’m sure he’ll crack it when he’s at school and he sees others eating and not making much mess. Glad you had a lovely camping trip #LivingArrows

    • Not sure about that. Nursery tell me there’s several in afterschool club who come back covered in food from lunch. I just wish he’d mop himself up afterwards.

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