Of course N didn’t want to play ball on his first day at school with photos.  I’ve seen so many gorgeous photos, but N’s ranged from bottom wiggling to pulling faces to jiving.

I then gave up and just snapped as he was playing outside with his stick before school.  I love this photo, with him oblivious to me with the camera. He looks like he’s conducting an out of shot orchestra.

first day at school outdoor play

living arrows pic


  1. I love his photos, he’s going to laugh in a few years when he looks back at them 🙂 I just about managed to get one of z standing still!

  2. I think that often the best photographs and memories are captured by chance, without posing etc. This is lovely, a great picture to remember his personality and mannerisms at such a young age! X X

  3. My daughter can be the same but luckily she was happy to show of her new uniform. This pic is great though. It’s captured a memory! x

  4. The unstaged photo just shows his personality! 🙂 Love his blue and yellow uniform x

    • It’s unusual…the yellow is particularly horrific. Even after one wash (with colour detergent) on a low wash, the polo shirts are looking less vibrant. God knows what they’ll be like after a year!

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