We’ve not been out on our bikes for a while.  This weekend I’d planned a day out to a special animal training zoo, but N refused to go.  He wanted to stay on the farm with his dad, but I managed to persuade him to have some time with me (he’d refused to come to FunFest with me the day before) at the weekend.

The park and a bike ride was the suggestion at the large park in town. This was one of the photos I took of him in the park as he was undoing or doing up his bike helmet.  Nothing like a bit of cycling safety – thankfully N doesn’t mind wearing it.  It’s really noticeable now he’s at school, that he’s trying things that he wouldn’t have tried a few weeks ago  – he can now do his helmet up.

putting on his bike helmet

living arrows pic


  1. Firstly, how did I not know you were at FunFest. I wish I’d have realised. I would have said hello. Secondly, so glad you got him out on the bike. It makes it so much easier when they are happy to wear the helmet doesn’t it

    • Ah, didn’t realise either. I didn’t get organised enough on twitter beforehand to make a list of people going!

      We’re a bit slack really because unless he cycles on the road, or out in public he doesn’t usually wear one – for being round the farm.

  2. It is for sure. We’re getting there. Just need to work on his memory now.

  3. Aw, I bet he was glad he went with you once he got into it.

    It’s lovely to know school has given him a new found confidence to try things too!


    • Yes, he loves the park so that was always going to be a winner, and biking somewhere different he always loves

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