This week’s Living Arrows photo was taken on our trip to Oxford.  We went for a children’s concert, grabbed some lunch afterwards, and then sat waiting for the park and ride bus.  It was a long wait, but N was happy to sit on one of the ‘benches’ by one of the university colleges while we waited at the bus stop.

I took a few photos of him sitting there, and while none of them had the perfect happy facial expression, I like this the best.  It shows him deep in thought, probably wondering what was going on over the other side of the road or watching people getting onto a bus.

N’s also looking so much older now.  He’s grown 6cm over the summer and although he seems a lot older, sitting with his hands under his knees still makes him look young and a bit more vulnerable, wanting comfort.

As for the shopping bag. We visited a fabulous sweet shop called Hardy’s and I let him buy some chocolate coins.  He insisted on carrying the bag all the way home.

waiting for the bus

living arrows pic


    • Thanks Hayley. Really pleased with it, and it really does show what he can be like

  1. The Hardys shop sounds very nice 🙂 and it’s strange how they shoot up so suddenly isn’t it? Hope the bus ride was fun!

    • Yes, he does it every year. Last year it was 5cm.

      He loves the bus journey, and bonus, we got to sit on the top at the front.

  2. Maria Noell

    Awwww… He looks so cool, calm and collected! and he is doing ever so well for sitting so patiently next to his sweeties. Little cutie xoxo

  3. He really does look so grown up, even more so than at the picnic! Gorgeous photo x

  4. Such a lovely capture – he does look deep in thought. 🙂


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