I think N’s just about getting into playing games now.  He loves UNO, but was really quite taken with a couple of Halloween games were were sent for a review.

One of the games included these 3D glasses to add to the difficulty, read make the game impossible.  N just liked trying them on and looking round the room to see the rainbow 3D effect on everything.

A retro item of my youth, still being enjoyed by the children of today.

I love how N always looks so healthy as well with his ‘grubby’ farmer’s tan just on his hands and face.

Ghost Hunt glasses

living arrows pic


  1. Old skool! I love it!
    And I know all about that tan – Ozzy has one too!

  2. Oh how cute!! We found a pair of 3D glasses on an old puzzle book in the bottom of the wardrobe the other day and the girls loved trying them on and wobbling around the house although I’m not sure it had any effect on their vision!

  3. Lol, I love how he can actually only see out of one eye! The other is hidden. Does he actually use them to see 3D things or just for the rainbow effect?

    • It’s meant to be for the game, so he only really uses them for that. I don’t think he understands the 3D effect yet.

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