I love this onesie from M&S, and so does N.  He chose it and I’m expecting this year to be the last that he wants to have a cutesie one.

This photo was taken before he went off to school for the children in need day.  Pjs and onesies all round (including his male teacher in a fetching pink one with stars over).  I was really surprised that N was happy to pose in this photo.  I managed to get him to stand still with his teddy, which he also had to take into school, and I grabbed a couple of photos of him giving out a bear hug!

He’s certainly my little penguin.

Ready for Children in Need in penguin onesie Living Arrows - Bubbablueandme



  1. Ah how lovely! That is a cool onsie. S went to school in her PJs too. I hope he liked (enjoyed seems like the wrong word) getting involved with the Children In Need stuff.

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