For week 52 of Living Arrows, this photo was on Christmas eve.  We’d been for a big family meal at the pub, got back and N was putting out mince pie, carrot and glass of milk for Father Christmas’ anticipated visit.

N does look a bit worried, but actually he chose to stand there are have his photo taken which I was surprised about.  I love the lights behind him like a little halo.

He suffered with a cold all over Christmas.  It put paid to his normal eating habits – not able to eat garlic bread in the pub (it hurt his throat), and didn’t finish his fish and chips.  Although finishing the strawberry ice cream wasn’t an issue.  I think the photo expression is a reflection of him feeling a bit

Christmas day portrait

This is the final week of Living Arrows, and hopefully it’ll be continuing into next year.  You can see everyone else’s final photos over at Shutterflies UK.

living arrows pic


  1. Glad he managed ice cream – he he – he looks so grown up here xx

    • He does. Growing up quickly. I keep turning round to look and thinking how tall he’s getting. He’s not measuring more, but is slimming down so looks taller

  2. I love the lights behind him. Perfect capture for Christmas Eve, nervous excitement. I do hope to see you next year x #livingarrows

  3. Ah he does look a little nervous! S was ill all over Christmas too but think she’s made up for it in last couple of days. Hope N is feeling better now too!

  4. His face is just so lovely in this photo – and I love the tree behind! x

    • Thanks Donna. I was really surprised he was happy to stand there and pose. Usually he hides or runs off!

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