We rarely have chinese food because the OH isn’t a fan.  N has the occasional chinese curry at nursery or school, and sometimes during shoot season when we’re eating without the OH, then I’ll make some kind of chinese dish.

This time I made orange chicken in my new slow cooker.  N loves rice, and he gave it a good go eating the chicken, although I think it didn’t need as much cooking as it got.  He was determined to have a go with chopsticks because I’ll try and keep my eye and fingers in.

It wasn’t a very successful attempt but I’m pleased he gave it a go.  I do need to get him one of the starter chopsticks that are connected so it’s easier for children to use.

Maybe I need to get him started on spaghetti rather than smaller pasta shapes.  It’s never too early to train children how to twirl spaghetti.  The OH chops his up and it drives me nuts.  It’s so much messier, and if you can twirl spaghetti round your fork on the place it’s quicker and neater.  My mum taught us from a young age so I’m pretty nifty at it.

I love the chopsticks photo. He’s concentrating so hard, I expect his food was cold before he managed to pick any up.

trying to use chopsticks age 4 v2 - living arrows

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  1. He is so cute! I love the concentration! Have you seen the way some people roll paper up and rubber band the chopsticks to make them like the version. They usually use the disposable ones with the paper they come in – nothing like those beautiful ones – but there’s probably a substitute you can use.

    • Ooh I might have to think about that. We’ve got tonnes of rubber bands. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Mommy's Little Princesses

    Bless him I think it’s fab that he is trying to use chopsticks already! Great picture it really captures his concentration well.xx

  3. This is a lovely photo, the concentration on his face!! I would need the starter chopsticks too, I have never quite managed to master them, he looks like he’s doing a better job than me 🙂 #livingarrows

    • It’s all just practice really, and I’m seriously out of practice. Struggling with rice definitely.

  4. Hmmmm I love Chinese and his dinner looks yummy! Well done for him trying the chopsticks too – I might get ours out the next time we have something appropriate…!

    • I love using them although a bit out of practice. N asked for them though before I’d even got them out. He remembered from the last time I used them

  5. It’s so cute that he’s giving it a go! He’ll get the hang of it eventually x

  6. Oh he’s adorable! This photo is making me soooo hungry and I haven’t had Chinese food in ages. I agree, chopping up spaghetti is wrong wrong wrong 🙂 Mim x #livingarrows

    • Glad it’s not just me. I back on my diet today, so I’m going to have to avoid nice treaty food for a while.

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